Today I’m so excited to share with you one of my all time favourite, best of the best recipes. One that I make weekly and enjoy nearly everyday. It’s just so tasty, so simple and very nourishing. Last year and this year has been very busy – third year uni and building a house were not meant to be done at the same time but I made sure I always had my jar of granola filled and hey, I made it through! A tasty, healthy breakfast can help you achieve a lot of things.


The perfect dish to enjoy during the depths of winter, depths meaning a low of 10 degrees here on the Gold Coast 😉

It still does feel actually cold sometimes though, and I’m going to make the most of it and enjoy all my favourite winter dishes and lots of hot drinks.

I made this crumble for Table of Plenty, their muesli was made for this. I love making my own muesli but it was so handy to have their box ready to go, particularly during uni when every hour in the kitchen makes me feel slightly guilty because I’m not studying, sigh #williteverbeover. I love the beautiful crunch from the nuts and seeds in this muesli and the warming vanilla scent, it pairs beautifully with the apples. Plus leftovers = the most amazing breakfast !

You’ll be able to find this recipe and a couple more (Dukkah Tempeh bowl and Healthy Wagon Wheels) in their Winter Warmers Ebook here, so exciting !


So you know what you’re having for breakfast this Sunday ✓

This idea just came to me when I was laying in bed on a Sunday wondering what to eat. I have to have pancakes at least once a week so I was definitely feeling like some pancakes were going to be made. The stunning jar of Loving Earth Acai powder just keep popping into my head. How can I combine them… I wanted to keep the nutritional content as high in the Acai powder as possible so I didn’t want to cook it, plus I was curious to see how it would go in something other than a smoothie. Lightbulb, incorporate it into my array of toppings! Andy that’s how this combo was born.


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